Diciamolo chiaramente: Smonkey
The idea of a graphic novel as White (Bianco) rises from an obsession that I have been carrying for many years: living in an instant the "nothing". To deprive myself of all that makes me alive until my head can allow it, that is for an instant only. And therefore, inevitably I have imagined the White.
To return, then, and to appreciate the Difference, to breathe it and to be conscious of it.
From here the idea of the history: set in a present similar to ours, with an international political characteristic very similar to the actual one if not for a lethal growing that will bring our planet to negative results, conceived by wars and differences among the varied cultures of the world. The men, those normal, the not powered ones, they are unaware however, at least apparently. They perhaps have a feeling leading, as if it was warned something behind the scenes but it was not understood what, as everything was to the end, but without certainty. Yet... something there is.
And the only being on the planet to realize it is Nigel. A telepathic his despite. Master of a big gift, but totally incapable in to manage it. He doesn't have any control on his power to gain other people's thoughts, it is not a directional power, simply he is sometimes attacked and flooded by the thoughts of the others. Once he could control it, probably he is now on the edge of a crisis. Despite this he succeeds in gaining a thing: the world is living its last day. Definitely.
Will our hero succeed in saving a whole planet by chance before its psychic crises devour him?
And what enters it all with my obsession of white?






Thousand crystals break the light in reflexes, portions of eternity left for being gathered.
The eye doesn't gather at times the whole
to not be blinded.
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