Nigel lives in a world similar to ours.
With the only difference that the events in action among the western and oriental part of the globe are more accentuated, so much to bait a very dangerous growing and less limited than ours. The fear however is "reduced" by the mass-media, which will give the people the only feeling that something is going to happen, that there's something behind the angle, something of which they don't know the precise identity. It is a veiled war because perhaps it is a part of world gotten used to see wars far, so much that this time it seems to don't acknowledge what is about to enter their houses.
Nigel "suffers" from telepathy. I believe that perhaps in our world can be difficult to realize what it means to be a person endowed with this ability, but therefore you try to think how much the life of a man able to read the mind can be complicated. Don't compare Nigel to that characters of the comic strip or the cinema that more you could be near to your idea of telepathic: the telepathy is a gift that he unintentionally has and of which he would gladly give up. The telepathy that Nigel has, in fact, is not directional and checked, on the contrary it is... entirely casual. Nigel absorbs the other people's thoughts in spite of him. And its world doesn't have so pleasant thoughts in the last times. It is as if you received in head the words of yours more gossiper and bad neighbour without succeeding in covering you the ears. You multiply this for thousand and you will discover the hell of Nigel.
These two elements, the war on the background and the reading of the thought of Nigel, is the pivots of this eccentric history. Surreal but real. Oniric and raw.

Nigel will have the knowledge of his dark ego. It is its black Ego grown up as years go by, fed by the more hidden and terrible other people's thoughts, lived as a mushroom in the part of the unconscious more inpenetrabile of Nigel. In that unconscious the black Ego of Nigel will call him more and more times, thirsty to go out and to live. The black ego is a kind of psychic Frankenstein, a mixture of black thoughts, his and of... others. Little by little Nigel will know it in those that can be defined the most unforgettable days of his life.
Milli, his girl, rational and more concrete character, tries to give him the maximum support, despite her limits. Limits that every normal person would have if you had a telepathic as a companion. A rationally opposite couple, but oddly effective.
Contemporarily, in the background, the whole world, the political one, is prepared with weapons to the imminent fight. TV and wandering characters, sometimes reflexes in the thoughts of Nigel, underline the thin layer of nostalgia of the " normalcy ".

The war between the west and east world will officially be declared? Are they the last days for the Earth? It will be really the black Ego (that it will embody the darkest side of the world) that will show him the future. And Nigel will be forced to take an extreme decision using his gift for the first time in a way that he has never done before.
I don't go over. It wanted to be an indication of the history. Following, flowing the page in low, you can read or unload same passages drawn by my plot of the history. A few small appetizers, if you want, to pick you a little more.
It wants to be also an invitation to possible publishers or interested experts of the sector: all it takes is writing to me on and I will be pleased to release you further explanations, or the same screen-play.
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